Located in Granada, Baza is a city located in the Sierra de Baza Natural Park of the same name, which is why it is surrounded by a beautiful landscape of mountains, paths and Mediterranean forests. With a long history behind it that must be explored to get to know Baza, its times go back to the Ibero-Roman era, as well as having Muslim vestiges. It is also known for having a very well-preserved historic center, which still retains the essence of the original Arab town and also has a great cultural heritage of medieval origin. One of the most famous relics that reside there is the famous Lady of Baza, a statue dated to the 4th century BC. Baza trips include a large number of cultural excursions that the traveler should not miss. From the Plaza Mayor, where the 16th century Gothic Church of Santa María la Mayor de Baza is located, and the Baza Archaeological Museum, where some of the best objects from the Ibero-Roman sites in the area are kept, you can tour the city Until visiting the Palacio de los Enríquez, a 16th century palace based on an Italian villa known for its highly decorated Mudejar ceilings. some stretches of walls remain, or, The Baños de la Juderia, one of the best preserved Arab baths in the whole country. In fact, these baths have won an award for their wonderful restoration. A good time to travel to Baza is in September, the month in which the city becomes the setting for one of the most important festivals in Spain: El Cascamorras. This celebration, which attracts a large number of people who decide to go sightseeing in Baza, dates back to the 15th century, and is characterized by street fighting with liters and liters of paint, when the Bastetanos defend their virgin from "el Cascamorras", sent from Guadix to snatch it away.

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